What is a Whistle Stop Tour?

Inaugural Weekend kicked-off with President Obama’s whistle stop train tour from Philadelphia to Washington, DC.

Whistle-Stop Tours came into popularity during the 19th century when railways were the most common mode of transportation. It was the most convenient manner to reach the political constituents dwelling within small but important townships. Whistle-stop tours were strategically planned and visited towns near the railway route. Originally, whistle-stop appearances were made from the open platform of an observation car or a private railroad car. Now, transportation has changed vastly; however, the nostalgia and intimacy associated with whistle-stop tours is still relevant and one of the best ways to connect with the people.  

2020 Train Mission

2020 Train revives a century-old tradition of political, railroad whistle-stop tours. 2020 Train seeks to provide a dynamic and nostalgic experience that involves local, state, and national candidates, while incorporating the nation’s love of music, fun and food. 2020 Train will produce an unforgettable experience that showcases a musical talent and candidate at all of its predestined railway stops. In addition to the excitement, there will be a rolling display of historic automobile that enmeshes the timelessness of a classic passenger train. So, be on the look out for a 2020 train experience near YOU!